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Zorin OS

  • What does zorin os mean?
  • Zorin OS is a Linux core operating system distribution developed for Linux users and using the Ubuntu base. The Zorin OS operating system was first published in 2009 as Zorin and later renamed Zorin OS. The Zorin OS operating system, known as a Linux distribution targeting Windows users, has a Windows-like interface and WINE & PlayOnLinux, which helps run Windows programs, greatly alleviating Windows users’ adaptation to Linux.


  • The Zorin OS is, of course, the most important reason for the large-scale adoption by users of the OS is quite similar to Windows in terms of both the structure, the design, and the software library it offers. The Zorin OS, which reaches the user with a very suitable sub-structure for the users who are going to make a new transition to the Linux platform, also contains necessary libraries and software that can run Windows software. At this point, users can have a chance to get to a different platform step by step without being overwhelmed by the Linux complexity.


  • Zorin OS operating system has 4 different distribution types;


  • Zorin OS Core: A version of the operating system that comes with all the tools and software to meet the needs of the end user. The Zorin OS Core, a fast and secure distribution version, is the package that computer users will be able to deliver at least midrange performance. It is not simple and light as it is in Desktop Lite packages. In other words, Zorin is designed for those who have high expectation from OS Core operating system.


  • Zorin OS Lite: Zorin is the Lite version of OS, as its name implies, free from effects. The Zorin OS Lite version, which comes to the user with a simple and lightweight design, is the version prepared for minimum performance computers that do not have powerful hardware features. It is the preference of users who want more speed and performance.


  • Zorin OS Educational: A Zorin OS distribution package for computers to be used in school and education. It is delivered to the user with all the packages and software that may be needed on a computer to be used for training purposes.






  • Zorin OS Educational Lite: Zorin OS Educational Lite version is Zorin OS Educational version is the same as software and package. The only difference between them is that this version uses a simpler, lightweight interface and is designed for computers that offer minimal performance.


  • In addition to the above versions of Zorin, there are two different versions of Zorin OS Bussiness and Zorin OS Ultimate, which are offered as paid users. These versions are versions equipped with valuable software for users who need a computer for work and play.


  • Zorin OS Installation
  • Zorin OS installation does not work in all packages, but with this installation guide you will be able to set up what package you want to install without any problems. You can easily install Zorin OS using Ubuntu’s installation assistant if you have already installed Ubuntu.


  • We can start the installation after downloading the Zorin OS operating system from a subtitle, copying it to a USB or CD & DVD and printing it as bootable, and launching your computer through the installation media;


  • Select the language you want in the first step of the setup.
  • After your language selection, configure your diskette so that the Zorin OS operating system can be installed. The partition type for the installation must be EXT4 and must be set to “/” as the connection point. You can also look at the article we wrote for Swap and create a Swap section if you need it.
  • In the language, region and keyboard settings steps, select the options you want according to your preference.
  • In the last step, start the installation by specifying the user name, the name of your computer, and the administrator password (root).
  • After the installation is over, restart your computer and start using the Zorin OS.
Zorin OS
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