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  • What does youtuber mean?
  • YouTuber is a term used by users who publish video content on YouTube and become popular thanks to these video feeds to describe themselves and their work.
  • YouTube’s first YouTuber is Jawed Karim, YouTube founding partner, who also uploaded the first video on the platform (“Me at the zoo“) Having been a simple initiative in recent years, YouTube has become the world’s second most preferred search engine after Google and the world’s most preferred video sharing platform.
  • Today there are more than 1 billion active users on the platform and all of these users make use of the content of creators called YouTuber. I mean, these popular internet phenomena that keep YouTube alive and video content they have created for people to watch.


  • What You Need to Become a YouTuber
  • Perhaps the most important reason for the popularity of the Internet, which has overtaken traditional media resources over time, is that it is an invention full of unknowns. About 10 years ago, someone could shoot people’s attention while they were playing video games and sharing a video that screamed. Today, however, people love it and even earn millions of dollars for it.
  • So, to become a YouTuber you have neither stopping nor blocking you. No matter your age, language or gender, you can be a YouTuber. In the Internet world, let’s not forget that each person who defines himself as YouTuber is in fact often not winning as much as he or she has never won.
  • Seriously, you want to start this business and become a popular YouTuber? That’s what you need to do to become a YouTuber;


  • 1- Complete your equipment
  • YouTubers do not always have the most luxurious equipment to reach very large masses. Many YouTuber are starting with simple equipment and switching to professional equipment after achieving the true popularity. You can get started by supplying your needs in the most basic way according to your and your channel’s starting point;
  • Acquire a camera and stabilizer according to what you need. The average price range of 200-400$, and features such as HD, DSLR cameras are the ideal choice. However, if you do not have that much budget, the camera of a quality smart device will also see your business for the start.
  • Some areas may need extra equipment. For example, you may need to have a green screen or Action Cam. You can follow the YouTuber, which is similar to what you will do, and find out what equipment they are using to complete your missing.
  • Publishing the videos in a simple manner presents a boring pleasure to the people. For this reason, you need to have a moderate computer where you can make montage and effect studies on your videos.
  • You may also need a lot of computer software to edit your videos. Gather your best-fit computer software by taking your needs into consideration and make your computer ready for installation.


  • 2- Open Your Channel and Edit
  • If you have completed the first stage and purchased your equipment, or at least have done some research for your equipment and have prepared your budget, you can now take the bases of your channel as both mental and action.
  • Decide what your channel will be about and what your channel’s purpose is.
  • Find a name in your channel that people can love and keep in mind.
  • Open your channel with your YouTube account.
  • Design cover photos and visual photos for your channel, and connect your social media profiles to your channel.






  • 3- Improve Your Channel
  • The first two stages may seem like the most challenging side for many, but no. Unlike what you think is the most difficult part of the job, after you open your channel and start making your first broadcast, the users will be able to collect your channel.
  • Edit your ads through social media for your channel.
  • Ask for help from your friends and other YouTubers to announce your channel and videos.
  • Meet other YouTubers and make common content with them.
  • Apply a content rule to your channel. For example; Say that I will share a vlog every week and try to stay true to this content quota.
  • Most importantly, do not give up and continue to produce content that can react positively to humans. Taki, you will reach success until the sun.


  • How Much money Will YouTuber earn?
  • YouTube has a much more affordable platform image when compared to traditional media sources. For this reason, advertisers advertise their Google Ads with the help of Google AdWords to deliver their ads to real viewers. YouTubers also come with their Google AdSense account, based on the video content they publish and certain clicks
  • By engaging in ads with people or companies
  • By carrying out product promotion agreements
  • By selling your own products or services you have developed
  • By agreeing on sales profit


  • You can earn extra income.
  • There are many important factors that determine the profit of a YouTuber;
  • The content of the channel
  • Number of subscribers
  • Views of videos
  • Ads match rate
  • Rates per click


  • All these criteria reveal how much a publisher will win in the light. For example, PewDiePie, a renowned YouTuber, has only succeeded in earning $ 4 million from video games.
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