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  • What does yelp mean?
  • Yelp is the first time in 2004 to discover a place that serves the United States. In addition to the web version, users can also use Yelp with the help of mobile apps that can be installed on iOS and Android devices.


  • Yelp application has approximately 8.2 million users worldwide. With Yelp, you can get rid of the question of which places you should visit when you are exploring your own city or new cities, and you can accept Yelp as your guide.


  • How to Use Yelp
  • Yelp, which you can use with mobile applications or web version, includes guides to shopping centers, hairdressers, entertainment venues, hospitals and more where you can find your focal points by taking advantage of your location information. The content in Yelp is created by Yelp’s users, not by the editors themselves.






  • Like in other popular space exploration applications, Yelp also has a friend list, various badges. Yelp is a different thing, the main purpose of the check-in instead of checking and reviewing is an application based on doing. Yelp users publish short reviews about places and things that can be done. Other users can comment on this as well as discover the most colorful places in the city.


  • Yelp is one of the most advanced guides you can choose to enjoy, especially in the cities you do not know what to do and where you are for the first time. With Yelp, you can make your trip more enjoyable by accessing both the city’s most preferred and most visited points on the map.


  • Yelp is not just an application for exploring places of entertainment. As with the address of the nearest hospital in the region you are in, many more are available in an effortless way with Yelp. With the recently introduced list feature, you can now jump from the list of the experienced Yelp users to the discovery from the discovery, and you can help the other users to have a better discovery experience by creating entertaining lists.
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