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  • What does yahoo mean?
  • Yahoo was founded in 1995 as a portal by Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo, although it originally served as a search engine, but with e-mail, instant communication, e-mail group and other services in the foreground.


  • Yahoo homepage Yahoo.com is showing 7 billion pages a day. Yahoo Messenger, which is especially popular around the world for some time, continues to be widely used especially in the US. Yahoo! Movie and Yahoo! Music now form the world’s largest document and infrastructure. According to what is said, Yahoo! Music alone is able to stand up to the whole music industry in the world.






  • Apart from these, Yahoo! Hotjobs offers job search from department. In the Yahoo! Finance section, you can get detailed information about many stock market indexes and stocks. The developments in the world can be followed in the Yahoo! News section and games can be played in the Yahoo! Games section. Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Radio, which is available in Yahoo! Music, is the first online radio with content. Users can create channels according to their own tastes by voting and they can listen to it online with a high quality sound.


  • Yahoo rejected the offer despite Microsoft’s $ 44.6 billion purchase bid for Yahoo with 12k employees in 2008.
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