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  • What does XAMPP mean?
  • XAMPP is a free and open source web server software package that can be easily installed and prepared. The biggest difference from XAMPP’s other web server types LAMP, MAMP and WAMP is that the software elements it hosts are different and can be run on XAMPP cross-platform ie all operating systems.


  • Unlike other web servers, XAMPP includes Apache for web server, MariaDB for database management, PHP and Perl for development. XAMPP, which has a very easy to use, can be preferred by users who want to use a different and more alternative web server.


  • XAMPP Setup
  • Because XAMPP is a cross-platform supported software package, you need to complete different steps to complete the installation on every platform. This is why you should review installation instructions by choosing from the three different installation types listed below that are appropriate for your platform;






  • XAMPP Setup for Windows
  • After extracting the downloaded package from the archive, extract all the files in the XAMPP software package to C: drive (this letter may vary according to the computer’s disk configuration). Then complete the installation by running the “setup_xampp.bat” file and you can complete the installation using the Installer included in the XAMPP package.


  • XAMPP Installation for Linux
  • Download the installation file that matches the Linux operating system you are using and the processor architecture. Set the file permissions of the setup launcher file to be 755 through the terminal. To make this adjustment;
  • Chmod 755 xampp-linux – * – installer.run
  • You can use the command. You can then use the following command to start the installation;
  • Sudo ./xampp-linux-*-installer.run
  • When the installation is complete, all necessary files will be placed in the / opt / lampp directory.


  • XAMMP Setup for OS X & MacOS
  • Run the downloaded DMG file image, then double-click on the installer to start the installation process. When the installation is complete, XAMMP will be included in the Applications / XAMPP folder along with all its files.
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