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  • What does windows mean?
  • Windows is a family of operating systems that first came out on November 20, 1985, in front of personal computer users, with the principle of fully approaching the user. Unlike Microsoft’s previous version of MS-DOS, which is a Microsoft product, it offers an easier computing experience with windowed users and can perform multiple functions at the same time. Shortly after exiting, Windows took over a large portion of its personal computer users and managed to reach a utilization rate of over 95% in the operating system market.


  • Later versions of Linux distributions and gear competitors such as the MacOS also reduced the use of the Windows operating system. Although not as popular as it was in the early days of the Windows operating system, it is still a dominant operating system within half of the operating system market and within the general majority of our country.


  • Windows Operating System
  • The Windows operating system was one of the most important steps in the widespread use of personal computers in 1985. Because the market has very few operating systems and there is no operating system for personal users to use, Microsoft has developed an operating system called Windows that runs completely graphically. Windows has both a graphical interface and a structure that can easily be understood and used by individual users. Through that time, he continued to develop Windows and managed to become one of the biggest in the operating system market.






  • Windows Versions
  • We may list the historical release of operating system versions that are compatible for personal computers with versions of Windows as follows;
  • Windows – 1985
  • Windows 3 – 1991
  • Windows 95 – 1995
  • Windows CE – 1998
  • Windows 98 – 1998
  • Windows ME – 2000
  • Windows XP – 2001
  • Windows XP 64 Bit Edition – 2004
  • Windows Vista – 2006
  • Windows 7 – 2009
  • Windows 8 – 2012
  • Windows 8.1 – 2013
  • Windows 10 – 2015


  • Windows Setup
  • To use Windows in your personal computer, you first need to have a version of MS Windows installation media. Sometimes the computers that are sold as including the operating system are also provided with Windows media, and sometimes a separate part of the computer can be placed under the Windows name Recover.
  • Windows Media Once you have your computer running in Boot mode with your computer connected or connected, you can perform a Windows installation process on your computer with a nice setup screen. After you finish the installation process, Windows will be ready for use immediately.
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