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  • What is the wik site and your use of the site content is subject to the following terms of use.


  • Content
  • No claim or guarantee is made that the content in the site is accurate and / or up-to-date. What is the wik site content is provided by site authors.
  • We are not responsible for any links / links in the What is the wik site. Wik can not control all of the content of links and referrals, nor does it guarantee that the content is in accordance with the law, such as the correctness of the content, whether it is a malicious virus, trojan, phishing.. Our editors will try to control all the links and content that may be harmful, but there are situations that can be overlooked. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take antivirus programs or similar precautions when clicking on the links provided by users, especially on our site.
  • If have any problem with content please contact us from here before. All legal complaints about Wik will be answered within one week at the latest within the framework of related laws and regulations in case of warning communication.


  • Copyright and Quote
  • Wik's Privacy and Policy

  • All rights (copying, duplication, processing, dissemination) of all content and site codes published in Wik belongs to Wik. The contractual provisions between the writers of the contents and Wik are reserved. 
  • All content published in What is the wik site is tried to be produced completely originally and is offered completely free of charge in order to help the interested person. 
  • This content is maintained without completely objective educational and profits by making citations. Please contact us if you are concerned about the sharing of copyrighted content.
  • If you want to share any content from our content, you must be use source link. (Eg. Source: http://www.whatisthewik.com/relevant-page) without active link we don’t permission to copied, reproduced and share. You can feel free if you use active link. 
  • The DMCA (notice of stolen content to search engines) and legal action will be carried out for each content copied without active link.
  • When Whatisthewik.com wishes, it reserves the right to prevent the person or institution that he or she wishes from quoting, even in accordance with the above rules.


  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies are simple text files and do not contain any personal information, such as personal information, but session information and similar data are stored and can be used to identify you again. We can use cookies only for this reason maybe. Btw 3rd part (Eg. Google Adsense) use this cookies too.
  • Whatisthewik.com is a Google Adsense publisher. As a Google third-party seller, it uses cookies to run ads on Whatisthewik.com. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on previous visits to your website by the user
  • Google’s use of DoubleClick cookies allows him and his partners to serve ads based on your users’ visits to your site and / or other sites on the Internet.
  • Users can disable the use of DART cookies by visiting the ad opt-out page. (Alternatively, users can disable the use of a third-party provider’s cookie by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative disabling page.)
  • Whatisthewik.com uses Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica technology to record site statistics.


  • Whatisthewik.com rights and obligations
  • Whatisthewik.com may change the terms of use without notice. For this reason we recommend that you review the usage conditions periodically. Whatisthewik reserves the right to amend, end and add all elements of the content without prior notice. Whatisthewik reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to Whatisthewik.com by certain persons, institutions, ip numbers or ip blocks, as deemed necessary.
  • Last update: 07.02.2017

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