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  • What does widget mean?
  • Widget is a small layer or a set of programs on the graphical user interface, that transfer any data or information to the user. The purposeful user interface of these functional elements, which we can also define as small programs or functional boxes, is to introduce a richer look and, in addition, to provide functions to the user.
  • Of course the widget is not just a ready-made system and an element used in CMS like WordPress. At the same time, these useful elements are also used in operating systems. For example, on MacOS operating systems, widgets can be added to the Dashboard while on Windows Vista users can add widgets that have small functions. Widgets are also available on the Android operating system to make it easier for users to work on the home screen. For devices with an iOS operating system, the Widget feature was available through the Notification Center.


  • How to add a widget
  • Unfortunately, the steps that a user needs to take to add a widget on each operating system or software may vary. For example, while the widget is added via the Components menu in WordPress, you need to select Widgets after touching your finger on the main screen on Android devices.






  • There is no clear answer to the question of how to add a widget, as the operating system may vary in contention, and even writing from the software. Since adding widgets in each environment can make changes, you can learn by searching for your platform, which is the healthiest result.


  • How to Delete a Widget
  • Widgets can be removed from the system after the edit screen is activated on most systems. On some systems, you may need to visit Settings to perform the deletion from the partitions set for Widgets. Just as in the process of adding widgets, the answer is completely anonymous in terms of widget deletion and may differ from system to system.
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