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What Does Color Mean in Ads?

  • What Does Color Mean in Ads?
  • Colors have an important place in people’s lives. Emotions and thoughts can be expressed with colors. Thus, colors are widely used in advertisements in terms of influencing. The aesthetics of colors are approached from three directions. These; Visually the colors, emotionally the colors are emotional, and symbolic meanings.


  • Colors gain a social meaning as a reflection of common consciousness. This partnership of meanings of colors naturally indicates the common psychology of colors. Colors are perceived in the same way in a society, arouse the same feelings and make the same connotations in their memories. It is evident that the majority of the individuals in the same society give similar responses to the same colors.
  • The associations of colors and the effects on people are as follows;
  • (Yellow) 1. Yellow:  It symbolizes youth and vitality. It attracts attention on dark grounds. Compatible with black. It forms beautiful combinations with board and blue. All the taxis are yellow in color because yellow color is very attention, and also car rental companies use yellow color too. It is yellow in summer and the sun is light and it makes people feel warm.


  • (Red2. Red:  Attention and excitement. This color is used to stand out in campaigns. It provides hot sales. According to the items used together; War, fear, excitement, eroticism and power. It is used with gray, black and white colors.


  • (Bordeaux3. Bordeaux:  It gives the impression that the meaning of the red is constant. It represents long-term excitement and a serious ongoing build. There is more feminine air in the form of cherry juice and it is used for sexual themes. Used in white, gray, and yellow.


  • (Orange) 4. Orange: Provides hot selling, affordability and confidence. It gives a sense of enthusiasm, movement and vitality. It increases the desire to live, gives morale, raises the man’s mod. The orange painted colors have the image that it is for everyone, as it is ordinary. Orange is the primary color of ladies wear. It is used with black and white.


  • (Brown5. Brown: It is evocative of low-heartedness. People in brown painted places can not stay much longer, so in fast-food restaurants tables, chairs and walls are brown or this color is close to the color.






  • (Green6. Green:  Green gives confidence and is constantly used in bank advertisements. It represents green innovation, calmness and serenity.


  • (Blue7. Blue:  It is evocative of calmness, calmness and comfort. In general, the fund is used in color. Dark blue represents institutionality, formality and quality. These colors are used continuously by the banks. Large enterprises use dark blue color logos.


  • (Black8. Black:  Black color in the majority of society has become a symbol of death, greed and evil. The black dress represents mourning. Black represents power and passion at the same time. If the Fonda is used, it is pessimistic. The color that maximizes the concentration.


  • (Purple9. Purple: Neurotic is leading to a complex mood. The subconscious awakens fears. This color is the color of sadness and introversion as it stirs regret, sadness, pessimism, and emotion. This positive aspect of color enhances mental energy and imagination as well as intuition.


  • (Pink10. Pink:  A color with a relaxing effect. Thus, it is a color preferred by ladies. In ladies’ wear, pink is the main color.
What Does Color Mean in Ads?
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