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  • What does WebP mean?
  • WebP is a visual file format developed by Google that is intended to take the place of other visual file formats on the internet, such as JPEG, a lossy compression type. Google has developed WebP, a new visual extension with WebM video technology years ago, and it has made use of it by 2012. While WebP is compressing just like JPEG, WebP shaves little details on the visual, unlike JPEG, and saves 40% of storage space as a file size compared to JPEG.


  • That is, with WebP, visual files are compressed as close to the original version as they are only allowed to disappear in detail, and at least 40% less storage space, especially JPEG and other file formats.


  • Thanks to the WebP extension, it is much less burdened on servers and visual files are opened by users’ devices at up to 40% faster than other files. WebP file format is really important for both users and webmasters, especially considering that the internet world is now colorful.


  • The WebP format is being used by many major Internet providers, but small developers and a large part of the world are still not able to adapt themselves to WebP. The reason for this is that WebP is a later developed file format, and popular image tools are still not recognized by Internet browsers.


  • Opening WebP File
  • WebP is a fairly new file format that will consider the age of visual file formats used in the internet and on the internet. For this reason, many operating systems, image tools and even the internet browser can not be run by. Of course there are not any programs you can use to open a WebP extension image on your computer. The following programs are the most popular programs that can open WebP for Shuan;
  • Pixelmator
  • ImageMagick
  • Leptonica
  • XnConvert
  • GIMP






  • If you do not want to view your WebP files by installing an external program on your computer, you can have your computer recognize your WebP files by default with a package that you will load into your operating system. This will not work very well if you still do not support the software WebP file extension you will use.
  • The WebP file extension is not an unsupported extension as you might think. As such, Adobe Photoshop, the most popular graphics software, has released several patches for this file format. Unfortunately, the published patches support only 64-bit architecture for shuan. You can use the thats below to give WebP support to Photoshop;
  • Windows 32-bit (not supported)
  • Windows 64bit – CS4 / CS5 / CS6
  • Mac OS X – CS2 / CS3 / CS4
  • Mac OS X – CS4 / CS6



  • WebP to JPG Convert
  • There are many ways you can choose to convert the WebP extension to JPG. We will refer to the two most practical and untried methods under this heading, but it is recommended that you choose the method that best suits your needs.


  • If you have to translate a WebP file that will take more than one and a lot of time (such as 20-30) into JPG, you will use it in this case none of the online translation tools will give you the performance you want for free. For this reason we recommend that you download the XnConvert program and use this file to batch convert your files into JPG or any extension you like.
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