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  • What does webgl (web graphics library) mean?
  • WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is an API programming interface used to draw three-dimensional images on web browsers. WebGL is managed by Khronos Group, a group of non-profit-making technology companies whose members are also members of many popular companies.
  • Accepted as a web standard, WebGL is based on the OpenGL ES 2.0 release and has been modified with minor changes to accommodate automatic memory-managed JavaScript-like languages. Compared to OpenGL ES, WebGL does not have major differences in structure, it works with HTML5’s Canvas element and makes 3D graphic drawings possible.


  • WebGL is very important in terms of creating three-dimensional pictures and animations through internet sites. As a result of the researches and tests conducted, it has been verified that WebGL has superior safety features in many respects. WebGL is often used with JavaScript (JS) but can also be used with Visual Basic and Visual Basic Script.


  • WebGL has the ability to run computers with all graphics processors that exit after Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 4, Google Chrome 9, Apple Safari 5.1, and Opera 11 without having to perform an extra install.






  • WebGL Error
  • In many of today’s modern internet sites, WebGL is actively being used. In some cases, users of Google Chrome internet browser say “Oh no! WebGL has made an error “. You will see a yellow notification area in the upper right corner of the screen and you will see the options “Reload” and “Ignore“.
  • If you do not believe that the page is reliable, you can disable WebGL, which is trying to use it in the page by clicking on “Ignore” in this case, but if you trust the page, you can reload the page with “Reload” option.
  • Reloading the page will probably solve your problem, but if you are still getting the same error despite being renewed,
  • After typing chrome: // flags in Chrome’s address bar, press Enter.
  • From the opening page, find the WebGL option at the bottom and activate WebGL.
  • Go back to the page you are having trouble with and refresh the page.


  • How to Open WebGL
  • To open WebGL, you must first have the computer’s video card and at least enough drivers on the right side of the video card to be loaded. If there is nothing wrong with these two things then all you need is to have an internet browser that supports WebGL.
  • You can run WebGL with any of the current versions of internet browsers of companies such as Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Mozilla (Firefox), Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome) and Opera (Opera), which are members of Khronos Group. If you are experiencing a WebGL error in Google Chrome, you can try to solve the problem of not opening WebGL by trying out the topics in the next section.
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