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  • What is Web? Web Sites and Web Registration
  • The web is an information system composed of interconnected hibernate text elements that are published on the internet. Web word is a name inspired by fabric texture in English. Web; This includes all internet services that transmit data consisting of text, pictures, graphics, video and audio on the Internet to a remote computer.


  • Web Sites
  • Each web document we access via the computer is called a web page. A website is a collective name formed by an individual’s web pages. The concept of the website first started to be developed in 1991. In 1993, CERN introduced the first time users can access using www prefix. Each website has its own address. These URLs, given a URL name, specify the location of the website on the internet. Web pages are written and developed in a software language called HTML. This software is language; audio, text, and video.






  • Web Registration
  • They want you to register and provide your information so you can access the information contained in the majority of your websites. In the web environment, most people are the first place mailers to be registered. Once you get an email address, it will be easier to register with other websites. Because web sites require an e-mail address to communicate with you during registration.
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