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Web Spider

  • What is Web Spider?
  • Spider is a program that is set to automatically scan web pages. Spiders are often used by search engines that must have an active database repository. The working principle of the spiders is very simple. They follow links from one link to the other, so a spider can navigate an entire web site and an entire web world in a very short period of time, even from a single link. When spiders visit a web page, they scan that web site and collect the following information and send it to search engines;


  • The address of the web page.
  • The title of the web page.
  • Web page meta information.
  • The contents of the Web page.
  • Links in the page and links to the page.






  • After this information is returned to the search engine, indexing starts now. Spiders are the most important software for search engines as well as for webmasters. If these softwares visit your website and visit it, then the speed of your web site index will be high as well.
Web Spider
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