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Web Server

  • What does web server mean?
  • Web Server is the software that provides the files that are located on internet sites using the HTTP protocol to the user, responds to each request of the users and is executed by the automatic mechanisms of the computers. Web servers have a lot of hardware that a normal computer has, but they are managed through the command system and remote software instead of the screen. Shared computers and computers designed to run only the web server software can also be called web servers.


  • The information about each site you see in the Internet world is stored in another host computer and the software called Web Server or Web Server is used for efficient use of this computer. The most used web server software in the world of internet are Apache, Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) and nginx.


  • Web servers usually consist entirely of large software packages. Each of these software packages helps control different functions. For example, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) package that exists within a web server software helps that server bring the FTP functionality to life. There are several packages to complete many functions, such as submitting mail, downloading requests, and publishing web pages over HTTP.
  • When choosing a web server, the most important things users should consider are;
  • The platform environment (such as Linux or Windows) the web server needs to work
  • Server-side programming capabilities
  • Security characteristic
  • Operating performance
  • Controllability
  • Divisibility
  • Installing Web Server


  • As Web Server, we usually use machines with large capacity and advanced features, which we call server. Because these machines have high hardware features and high internet speeds, they can read, review and respond to tens and hundreds of users at the same time. Of course, building such a server is both costly and responsive. This is because such a server will be overly hot and software maintenance will always be required. If you want to install a web server in this way, you will need to use some of the Google pages.






  • To install this type of web server, first you need to purchase a server equipped, then you need to connect to this server internete, install the operating system and prepare it for service. Believe that none of these are difficult steps, as everyone is talking about, but if you do not have the necessary infrastructure, it can take months or even years to tackle these steps.


  • If you need a web server to try more of your projects than the above servers, you can set up a web server on your old computer or your own computer directly. The only thing you need for such a server is to follow any of the guidelines below and install the one that is right for you. By clicking on the links you may have more information about this type of web server;
  • LAMP
  • WAMP
  • MAMP
  • Web Server Prices


  • If anyone wants to publish an open web site or web application, then you must have a web server. Of course, web servers will only be small-scale servers, and keeping these servers active 24/7 will be a very costly business. If you want to reduce your costs even further and still want to have a web server like yourself, you might consider renting a server.
  • In our country and all over the world, server leasing is divided into some types. If you can review all of these hosting types and decide on their size, it will help you get great price advantage. For example, it is of course illogical to hire a large web server if you are only going to run a small site. For this reason you should be familiar with web hosts and learn the following hosting models;
  • Hosting
  • SEO Hosting
  • VPS
  • VDS
  • Reseller
  • Dedicated
  • Co-location
Web Server
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