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  • What does Wav mean?
  • WAV is a digital audio file format and extension developed by IBM and Microsoft for the first time and used with the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system version. In the years after Windows 95 and later WAV files have been widely preferred audio files for quite some time. Many users stored and played music in WAV file format.
  • In the later stages of the WAV extensions, which have been used for many years, they began to receive files called MP3 and WMV. The WMV file was a different file format that was also produced by Microsoft, but WMV files that were not as successful as WAV lost popularity over MP3.
  • Nowadays, WAV files are rarely preferred. There is no doubt that the reason why WAV files are so popular is that their audio extension is supported on mobile devices at the time.


  • Opening a WAV File
  • You can run WAV file with many popular media player programs. If your computer contains a Windows Media Player or similar program, these types of players can also run WAV files. If your computer does not have a media player that supports WAV files, you can download any of the following media players, play WAV files after installing your computer,






  • Windows Media Player
  • VLC
  • ITunes
  • QuickTime
  • Winamp
  • Clementine
  • XMMS
  • KMPlayer
  • SMPlayer


  • is WAV a Track?
  • No, technically WAV files are not tracks of an Audio CD. Audio CDs are created from the more commonly used MP3 file format and have a different extension than WAV. Because many people usually see an old file format, when they see the WAV file format, they assume that they are Tracks and make mistakes. WAV is an original and different sound file format.
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