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  • Warsaw is the most important and popular city of Poland, which is a full member of Eastern European countries as well as the European Union in 2004. Warsaw is also the capital and the political center of Poland. Located in one of the most important and prosperous settlements of Poland, Warsaw is one of the oldest cities on the European continent. Warsaw, one of the oldest settlements in Europe, is located to the east of Poland. Warsaw, which is also very close to the Carpathian Mountains, a large part of which is in Romania, has been a strategic location that has attracted attention from every state throughout history. When the official records are examined, it can be seen that the first settlement traces in Warsaw are older than 2000 years, but officially the date of the city’s 13th century. Warsaw, one of the most popular cities in Europe, has a total of 18 cities. Warsaw, which is one of the most crowded cities in Eastern Europe, has only 3.5 million people in its borders. However, 1.7 million of this number is located among the settlements called the city center. Warsaw, which has 18 counties, is the most popular city in the country. Warsaw, Poland’s economic and political center, contributes greatly to the economy of the country.






  • Nearly all of the domestic and foreign companies operating within the borders of the country are located in Warsaw. In this sense, the city is at the same time the heart of the country’s economy. According to official records, Warsaw, which was recognized as a city in 1323, has been home to the Polish Empire throughout history. This makes the city the most valuable city in Poland. Warsaw, which is strategically important, has been seen throughout history as a place to be conquered by the Soviet Union and the German Empire. In this sense, Warsaw, which is under severe pressure from both the west and the east, has become the center of the sufferings of the country. Especially II. In World War II, the city was almost in place. Warsaw, first occupied by Germans and then Russians, remained under Soviet Union’s biggest superpowers of the period due to the cold war until 1990s.


  • The city of Warsaw is among the most popular cities of Eastern Europe. The city is almost an open-air museum and millions of tourists visit the city each year. According to some, “Paris of the East“, Warsaw has a very unique architecture. Although the city is II. The city was successfully rebuilt with the end of the war, although it suffered great destruction during World War II. This exceptional city, which achieved a great deal of attention from UNESCO, was protected in 1980 and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
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