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  • What is WAN? WAN Settings and WAN Entry
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Wide Area Network is a large network of physical or logical networks that helps multiple devices communicate with each other. The most famous wide area network is the internet, which is the network that helps this article. WANs are mostly linked to internets or are obtained by companies for special purposes through service providers.


  • WAN Settings
  • Most of the home users have to make the WAN settings with the interface of their modem in order to be able to use the internet service they have received. Even if you have an internet service from a company, the internet company will set up an account for you to keep your traffic under control and will ask you to verify your connection with this account. We call this information WAN Settings.


  • WAN settings may be configured differently for each modem, or the WAN settings may vary for each user’s service provider. If you are worried that the problem with connecting to the Internet is due to WAN settings, try these solutions;






  • You can log in to the modem interface by accessing the default gateway and investigating your modem and modem. From there, you can log in by going to the Internet Settings or WAN settings menu and entering your information here.


  • You may want to contact your service provider to direct you to configure WAN settings.


  • WAN Entry
  • The WAN entry is the cable that comes in from the phone line behind the modem. By connecting this cable to your WAN modem at your place, you can take the first step to get your modem connected to the internet.
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