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  • What does wamp mean?
  • WAMP (Windows / Apache / MySQL / PHP and Python) is a set of web applications that help build a web server using servers and computers that have the ability to run on the Windows operating system platform.
  • If WAMP is run on a computer or server, it provides the following four basic features to the web server;
  • Operating system (Windows platform)
  • Web server (Apache)
  • Database (MySQL)
  • Script Language (PHP and Python)


  • With all these features, a web server has all the minimal features that it needs to work and publish, and it can broadcast as a web server using these minimal features. If we need to sample from the above server, namely WAMP; Windows will act as the operating system and main platform of this web server. Apache will be the MySQL database manager, serving as a web server, and dynamic scripting language features that can be used in PHP and Python or PERL.


  • It is not always possible to talk about the same packages all the time for WAMP style web servers. It is entirely up to the developer to change the packages that can be used and is at his discretion. Because of the fact that these elements are widely preferred by developers, the server format we named WAMP has emerged and has been accepted by users who have developed PHP and site-side applications.






  • WAMP Server Setup
  • WAMP Server may need a developer or beginner to learn a programming language as both a development environment and a test environment. Especially for webmasters, installing and using WAMP Server in the form of Localhost is a very useful technique. You can use WAMP Server for many purposes, for example;
  • Do or do you want to test PHP software, sites or web applications
  • Apply the simulation of risky transactions on your own website
  • To test changes and improvements on your website
  • See how your new programming language will output when you are learning.
  • We can talk about many more examples. When you set up a WAMP server on your computer, you will have a web server that is officially fully functional within your computer, but only accessed by you. Of course, thanks to the small changes you can open this server to the whole internet world.


  • WAMP Server Usage
  • After installing WAMP Server, it will be very useful to restart your computer once in a while. We now have a web server with the functions of a normal hosting or web server in our computer.
  • After running WAMP, you can go to the www folder by right clicking on it and clicking on the icon to the left of the icon. This directory is the root directory, so you need to put all of the files you want to run on the server here.
  • If you want to view this folder in Windows Explorer, you can access Wamp’s www folder by logging into your computer’s Windows partition (usually called C:).
  • You can use http: // localhost / filename or http: //localhost/directory/filename.href address variants in your internet browser to access all of the files you have in your www folder.
  • No matter which browser you are using, all internet browsers will see the WAMP Server installed on your machine.
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