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  • What is VPN? VPN Services and VPN Programs
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the name given to the technology used to create a secure Internet connection over a public Internet connection. VPN services are now frequently preferred by large corporations, educational institutes, public buildings’ computers, and privacy-conscious personal users.


  • In connection with VPN technology, the user can access more than one web site and access the desired web sites via the internet without specifying his identity. The biggest advantage VPN provides to users is clear privacy on the internet, protection against hackers and extranet connection security.


  • If you want to establish a more secure Internet connection to yourself, VPN is one of the most practical and least expensive methods you can choose. The only disadvantage of VPN technology is the speed drop caused by repeated layering of the link. To overcome this problem, you will use the most physically located countries in any VPN service to help you minimize this disadvantage.


  • Because VPN is a connection technology on its own, it does not apply to users on PC platforms only. Well, an iOS operating system can benefit from this technology with VPN applications that the user of the device or the user of the Android device will use.


  • VPN Services
  • VPN service providers aim to use this technology in the most practical way. For this reason, they provide this technology to users via VPN programs (softwares) so that you can use your connection in the most active way over VPN as soon as possible.
  • All VPN services are free, and if they are VPN services that are free, they definitely put a certain quota limit on you. For a real VPN experience, there is no doubt that buying a VPN software license from a VPN service is inevitable in this case.






  • VPN Programs
  • When we look at the VPN Programs section, there are three different programs and services that are frequently preferred by the whole world, especially our country users, which we can recommend to you;


  • 1) TunnelBear
  • TunnelBear is one of the most established services that offer you VPN service not only for computers but also for mobile devices with software. You need to purchase a license package for higher access quotes for TunnelBear, which offers a monthly 500 MB promotion per user. A big advantage of using TunnelBear is that you will be able to use your license both on your computer and on your mobile devices thanks to cross-platform support. Moreover, TunnelBear is by far the easiest-to-use VPN software ever made. To learn more about TunnelBear and learn how to use it in stages, you can search our site and find out about it.


  • 2) HideMyAss
  • Originally known as a web proxy service, HideMyAss later rolled out its hands to offer the secret hidden world of VPN to the user and developed a great VPN software. With its affordable price and easy-to-use software, HideMyAss is one of the important alternatives to VPN for PC. You can learn step by step how to use HideMyAss from the following link.


  • 3) Hotspot Shield
  • We have all become familiar with the Hotspot Shield from the ad campaigns that have introduced our people to VPN technology and made frequent calls, especially when the number of prohibited sites increased. Considering its quality structure, cross-platform support and appropriate license fees, Hotspot Shield is among the best VPN software we can recommend to you in our list.
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