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Visual Basic (VB)

  • What is Visual Basic? Visual Basic Programming and Visual Basic Courses
  • VB or Visual Basic is a programming language developed by Microsoft and published in May 1991 with the help of Alan Cooper. There are different versions of the VB that keeps its presence from day to day until its publication and grows stronger.


  • Visual Basic Programming
  • The exit point of VB was essentially a programming language that would help programmers in their initial stages and help them easily create the program. The more people using VB, the more software will be developed for Microsoft’s operating systems, and the Windows versions of Microsoft will be ahead of other operating systems. Indeed, with the help of Windows, VB has achieved this to a great extent.


  • With Visual Basic, users have more comfortable programming features and many of today’s most important software developers have begun with the help of VB, probably because of its easy structure in the first software programming experiment.






  • VB acts as one of the first software languages ​​to be shown to students who want to start programming for Shuan. Because it is very easy to understand the logic of this programming language and it is quite simple to bring the software you want with VB help.


  • After the first publication of VB, there were different versions developed for VB. The Visual Basic 6.0 version was released in 1998 after the first version of VB was released with 6 different sub-versions. After version 6.0 of VB, Microsoft VB decided to move to .NET platform. After this phase, Visual Basic was called Visual Basic .NET. Visual Basic 2002 logged out when the year 2002 was transitioned. After upgrading to .NET platform, VB language has been developed and developed as a comprehensive language by developing versions of NET, Visual Basic .NET 2003, Visual Basic 2005, Visual Basic 2008, Visual Basic 2010 and Visual Basic 2012.


  • Visual Basic Courses
  • Visual Basic, which is the entry point of many people to start programming, is one of the simplest programming languages ​​and there are numerous productions as VB and internet and printed resources.
Visual Basic (VB)
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