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Virtual Tour

  • What is the virtual tour?
  • The Virtual Tour is a virtual environment developed with the help of video and photographs that allows for the complete examination of any media or product. In order to get a realistic experience, virtual tours are created while music, sound effects, etc. Many elements are utilized. Whatever the goal is in virtual tours, the ultimate goal is to be able to act and act as if it were in the user environment.
  • With virtual tours, users can feel like they are in an environment with the help of their computer’s mouse and keyboard. The choice of virtual tours instead of a standard video gives users a chance to review more. The introduction of virtual tours instead of standard video introductions can also be used in the analysis phase for many problems for users. For example; A 360-degree virtual tour prepared by a university can offer students a chance to explore the environment in advance. In this way, students can have knowledge about the structure of the school before they make their choice and they can experience the school without having to go to the city where the university is.


  • How to Virtual Tour?
  • We can talk about the existence of many different methods that can be preferred while creating virtual tours. Unlike panorama shots, if you want to make a three-dimensional virtual tour, you need to have much better quality equipment and a good video editor. The majority of quality virtual tours are taken with the help of cameras capable of shooting at 360 degree angles. We can also mention that the process of processing the captured videos and making them as software-requested is also very difficult.


  • Bringing all of these needs together for a single virtual tour will lead to a huge financial cost, so companies and people can get the solution to these needs by choosing businesses that offer virtual tour services. When virtual tours are brought to the market, the user needs to make separate shots for each area and to process them correctly in order to present a high-level experience. We can say that the virtual tour is a huge workload if each one thinks that it will be serious and separate.


  • Visiting virtual tours is a high-level experience for users, but it’s not possible to talk about exactly three-dimensional experiences. As a result, users are navigating in a virtual three-dimensional environment, that is, the three dimensions are virtually only three dimensions and the majority of the virtual tours, which are essentially 360 degrees, are 2D. You will be able to examine the place where you are in 360 degree virtual tours from the top to the bottom of all the corners.






  • The main areas where virtual tours are used are;
  • Compare a real place
  • Visiting a place virtually.
  • Education sector
  • Entertainment sector
  • Recreation
  • Ads


  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • The 3D Virtual Tour adds a dimension to the virtual tours performed at 360 degrees angle. Contrary to popular thought, 3D virtual tours and 360-degree virtual tours are not separate tours. 3D virtual tours will look normal with the eyes and we will need 3D glasses to view them. While 360-degree virtual tours have already managed to keep the realism of the environment at the top level, the support of such tours in 3D is very important for the visitor to feel the realism of the environment.


  • The fact that more detail is involved and the fact that increasing the realism is a great advantage for the users, it means more work load and therefore cost for the people to prepare and prepare the virtual tour. For a 360 degree tour it is necessary to spend a lot of work, but when 3D virtual tours are brought to the market, more workload has to be consumed and the prepared graphics have to be rendered.
Virtual Tour
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