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  • What is Ventrilo? How to Use Ventrilo Server and Ventrilo
  • Ventrilo is a conference software that allows many users to make voice calls at the same time. Ventrilo software has a widespread usage rate especially among online gamers, internet project owners and private groups.


  • The Ventrilo server is a server that collects users in one place and functions as a room. Ventrilo also requires users to first include a server or create a Ventrilo Server in order to make voice calls between each other. You will create it on your own computer Every time your computer restarts on the Ventrilo server, the IP address of the server will change. For this reason, the majority of Ventrilo users prefer Ventrilo server rental options.


  • How to Use Ventrilo
  • Once Ventrilo has downloaded and installed your computer successfully, run Ventrilo with the desktop shortcut. You will need to configure your own profile before you start using the software and connect to any servers. For this reason;


  • Click the arrow next to “UserName“. Provide a new profile to be created by pressing the “New” key on the opened profile page. You will be asked for your user name, specify your user name and click “OK” button.


  • After typing my username the same screen will come up again. Now we can return to the main screen by clicking on “OK” again. Shuan has configured our profile and is now ready to connect to a Ventrilo server.






  • Now, to connect to a server, click the arrow next to the “Server” section. Click on the “New” button from the drop down menu and give it a name. The server is a name person and will only be seen as named by us.


  • After you write the name, click the “OK” button and you will be informed about the Ventrilo server you want to connect to from the screen.


  • After inputting our information, click “OK” button again and click on “Connect” button.


  • As a result, if there is no problem with the server information, we will log in to the server. Now we can start chatting with friends or chatting with our friends by entering the room inside the server.
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