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  • Vancouver is one of Canada’s most important and popular cities from North America. Located in the port cities of Canada, Vancouver is considered among the import and export centers of the country. Located in the Lower Mainland of Canada’s British Columbia region, Vancouver is considered the most popular part of the region. Vancouver, one of the most developed cities in Canada, has a population of 610,000 residents within the boundaries of the city center. However, although this is only called the city center, the number of established people who are in contact with the city’s legal boundaries is around 2.5 million. This population ratio puts the city of Vancouver among Canada’s most popular and crowded first three cities. When you look at the cities within the borders of Vancouver, Canada, you are confronted as the most populous city. The city is also in a remarkable position with its number of housing units. Vancouver is one of the two cities with the most residential properties when the cities in the Pacific are taken.


  • When the cities in Vancouver, Canada are examined, it is the most cosmopolitan city. Only 52 percent of the people living in Vancouver are native English speakers. Apart from this, the remaining 48 percent speak languages ​​such as French, German and Spanish. This makes the region a very cosmopolitan region. Vancouver, a port city, officially became a city on 6 April 1886. Captain George Vancouver, who gives the city name. Vancouver, one of the most important centers of the Canadian economy, is one of the most important points of import and export of the country. Vancouver has become Canada’s most livable city, as well as being among the top ten most livable cities in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that Vancouver is Canada’s economic center, but the ideas in this regard have given the city its strategic position, and at the same time the borders and especially the skyscrapers in its center have given a different air.






  • Vancouver is one of the most touristy cities in Canada. It is possible to reach the region from many places. As you can get directly to Vancouver, it is also possible to reach the cities close to the region. In this sense, it is possible to reach Vancouver in American cities like Seattle, San Francisco. You can also get to Vancouver via Turkish Airlines. In this sense, many alternatives are offered to you. You can also contact the Star Alliance member airline companies. Vancouver is a very important settlement that is visited by about 2 million people a year and has been attracting attention with its touristic destination. We have to emphasize that the city is also a direct coast to the Pacific Ocean. However, the air is typical of the Pacific. The summers are quite warm.
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