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UDID (Unique Device Identifier)

  • What is UDID? UDID Registration Inquiry and UDID Registration
  • a UDID (Unique Device Identifier) ​​is a set of HEX numbers consisting of 20 bytes of 40 characters in length. These numbers, which are considered to be the entirety of devices using Apple’s iOS operating system, are used to identify and identify your specific privileges provided by Apple. So, a kind of UDID is a serial number generated by Apple of the device you used your ID.


  • UDID numbers are often used by Apple application developers to test their applications on their own devices and to test operating systems in the new beta. A user with an Apple Developer can identify up to 100 UDIDs from the Apple Developer Center and have the opportunity to try out their applications on their new operating system version.


  • At this point, developers have a chance to test their applications and update any incompatibilities that have occurred before the release of the new operating system. We told every developer that only 100 records could be made. If the UDID value is entered once into the Apple Developer Center and deleted later, the device may remain installed in the beta operating system version and may not receive the normal operating system version updates.


  • UDID Registration Inquiry
  • To learn about UDID Scrolling, you can connect your iOS device to a Windows PC with iTunes or a Mac using OS X using the USB cable. In the summary section of iTunes, you can see your UDID number, which is 40 digits below the information on your device.






  • Registering UDID
  • UDID In order to test your applications in beta and beta versions of iOS by registering, you need to report Apple’s UDID values ​​to Apple at the Apple Developer Center. This notification is only available to people who are Apple developers and have an Apple Developer account.


  • If you do not have an Apple developer account, you can purchase an Apple developer account for an annual payment. If you do not want to buy an account, you may want a developer you know to identify your UDID number. On some platforms, UDID is also available for registration fees, but developers have the option to remove their UDID records from their account when they want.


  • They may not make your payment and make your UDID deposit, or they may take it out and leave it in a few days. For this reason, either obtain a developer account of your own or start using beta versions of iOS by registering your device UDID via one of your nearest enclaves.
UDID (Unique Device Identifier)
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