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  • What is Typosquatting?
  • Typosquatting is a cyber attack / fraud method that is made by purchasing similar names of popular web pages. This method is based on incorrectly typing one or more letters in the name of the web page that users want to enter. For example, if the web page that the user wants to enter is “example.com“, the following typographical errors might set the ground for “typosquatting” attacks:

• Make one letter mistake: exemple.com or examlpe.com.
• Shuffling domain extension: like example.org
• Missing a letter in the field extension: example.co, example.cm

  • In such attacks, possible false combinations of the targeted domain name are purchased by those who want to attack, and a page is designed with almost the same appearance as the real page. So the person who misplaces the name of the web page he wants to go does not realize that he actually went to the wrong page.


  • Typosquatting can be done for different purposes. Sometimes it is done the same as selling a product and it is aimed to get the product that the wrong addresser wants to buy from another place. Incorrectly entering the site through the password to obtain your information or virus infection of your computer typosquatting attacks can be the aim.






  • A survey of six popular web pages generated typosquatting’s available address combinations found that 3% of the addresses produced were for cyber attack, 15% for advertising purposes and 12% for selling related addresses.


  • To protect against typosquatting, we need to pay attention to the following:

• We should be very careful when writing the name of the web page we want to enter and try not to make mistakes.
• We must be careful when opening links to web pages that come by e-mail, and we should not open such links unless we have to.
• We must install antivirus and firewall-style programs in our computer.

  • Typosquatting is a widespread assault type, and it has been found that 80% of the combinations of web addresses of popular sites like Google, Facebook, etc., which are unique in character, were purchased by others as web addresses. Making a letter mistake while writing a web address is a very common occurrence. If we do not want our computer to get infected by viruses or personal information because of such a simple mistake, we need to apply the measures listed above.
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