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  • What is TunnelBear? How to Use TunnelBear
  • TunnelBear is a VPN software that has been available since 2001 with paid and free versions. The basic theme of cross-platform supported software with different versions for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices is based on “The simplest and easiest way is the enjoyment of VPN usage by internet users all over the world.” For this reason TunnelBear is undoubtedly the easiest and most understandable software to have ever made VPN software.


  • How to Use TunnelBear
  • In addition to being a simple software, TunnelBear’s free version, which is intended to encourage users to use it, is a means by which many users get to know VPN for the first time. Tunnelbear offers a trial size of 500 MB per user, renewed every month under the Lite version name. In addition, if you join TunnelBear’s Twitter campaign (https://www.tunnelbear.com/twitter-promo/) you are adding 1 GB more than the quota extra for 1 month.






  • If we are going to use TunnelBear in its use phase; you first need to download the installation file using www.tunnelbear.com/download. When downloading is over, you must open the Tunnelbear and accept it by pressing “I Agree” button in the first step.


  • In the next step you need to choose the directory where Tunnelbear will be established. You can leave this option as default if you do not have a situation other than your preference. After the installation is complete, you will come to the registration page counter to create a TunnelBear subscription under the heading “Create Account“.
  • Once you have filled in the information on this page and confirmed it, TunnelBear sends a confirmation mail to your e-mail address. After completing the verification of your account with the verification link, we can start logging in and using TunnelBear.
  • After turning on the Tunnelbear software, it comes with a design that resembles an old radio. The only thing we need to do here is to select the desired country and then switch the “OFF” button to the “ON” position with the help of our mouse. Now we can start using our VPN as we want it.
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