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Trypophobia (Fear of Hole)

  • Fear of Hole (Trypophobia) What are the causes and symptoms?
  • The fear and worries against perforated and porous structures are called Trypophobia. People with Trypophobia have a high sense of fear and avoidance against this construct. Trypophobia, an unknown condition that causes it, is a feeling of discomfort to hollow or empty pores.


  • Especially in recent years, this discomfort has been found to affect large masses. According to research done in Europe, 15 out of every 100 people carry this disturbance. Trypophobia, commonly known as a non-harmful disease, occurs when people experience high discomfort and anxiety. According to experts, these perforated pores can make you feel nausea, extreme fear, tenderness and avoidance.


  • Fear of Hole emerges against which things?
  • Trypophobia is not created against plants that only have hollow holes like lotus. It is known that there are many situations that will trigger this condition. Hollow structures, complex hole views, images resembling sponge structures, etc. It also occurs in such situations. In addition, people with Trypophobia can be disturbed by regular and smooth holes. This is made up of plants that have cluster structures. The Trypophobia, which is derived from the words of hole and fear, does not really mean fear. People who are experiencing discomfort report that they are disgusted and disgusted rather than afraid of these holes. Trypophobia needs to be evaluated in this case except for the fear.






  • What are the Trypophobia Symptoms?
  • Trypophobia, commonly known as a simple discomfort, can be very severe. Treatment is especially necessary for these cases. If people are experiencing problems like this, they should bring a Trypophobia risk to mind. Long-term fear and anxiety may be caused by Trypophobia. The extreme vulnerability of people towards this construction points to Trypophobia.


  • Avoidance from the state is another indication of discomfort. The continuity of the patients sense of escape to these pores can also point to this disturbance. It is among other symptoms that people are affected by the horrific and lethargic social life they are hearing. Especially in these cases, you need to get help from a specialist for Trypophobia. Having panic and anxiety for a long time due to intense anxiety is another indication of this disease.
Trypophobia (Fear of Hole)
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