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  • What does thumbnail mean?
  • Thumbnail is a small preview image used to re-present a large-sized image. With Thumbnail, users can see a small preview of dozens of images at the same time in one page and easily distinguish the visual file they want to view from the other file. This allows users to access the actual content and save data bands without having to view or download the visual files they are not interested in.


  • Thumbnail is a commonly used method in the internet world and is used in many places such as computer programs and operating systems. For example, when you open a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the software presents thumbnail images of all the pages for you in the side column, thus helping you get to the page you want faster and faster.


  • In the same way, operating systems can benefit from Thumbnail features in different ways. For example, in Windows operating systems, when you enter a folder full of pictures, a small preview of the pictures is displayed. All of these preview files are actually Thumbnail.






  • Thumbnail Making
  • There can be many different road maps to follow to create thumbnails. For example, in order to add an embedded Thumbnail feature to a website, it is necessary to prepare the codes according to the software language of the site and connect them to the system. If you still need Thumbnail to use it on social networking sites, you can create thumbnails using any advanced photo editor available on your computer.


  • For example, you can open a photo in the editor and make it into Thumbnail by resizing it to 100×100, 150×150, 200×200, 250×250.


  • Thumbnail What Works?
  • It helps you to easily find out which file you are interested in among them.
  • Unnecessary files prevent you from previewing and helping you save both data usage and time.
  • It provides you with quicker access to the parts you need.
  • When parsing files, it will show you which file is what instead of opening each one and making sure.
  • Internet sites and gallery modules allow users to quickly access the visuals they need.
  • Thanks to the thumbnails published on internet sites, the user does not have to wait for all the images to be uploaded and can only see the big files of the desired files.
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