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  • What is the technology?
  • Technology is a collection of skills, methods, processes, techniques, or scientific researches used in the production of goods or services (“craft knowledge“, Greek τέχνη, techno, “craft, skill, crafts”, and -λογία, -loji). Technology techniques, processes, etc. As well as built-in machines, computers, various devices, or factories. Things like this can be run by an individual without detailed information.
  • Technology, in other words; It is the knowledge and ability necessary to make or produce assistive devices and equipment suitable for the requirements of human beings.
  • Technology has started with the use of natural resources by people as a simple tool. The discovery of how to control the fire before history is an invented technology that can be used to control the environment, as well as the techniques and tools used in production to increase ready food resources in the Neolithic Revolution, as well as people traveling. Throughout history, developments in printing and printing, telephones and the Internet have allowed people to freely interact and interact on a global scale. Continuous progression of military technology has enabled technology to evolve, as well as simple weapons such as batons, as well as destructive power, large nuclear weapons.
  • There are many more effects of technology with these. Technology has helped the economy to develop much more, including today’s global economy, and the rise of the spectacular entertainment class. Due to many technological processes and undesirable by-products, the Earth’s natural environmental damage, also known as environmental pollution, has occurred. Natural resources are starting to run out. Various applications of technology have often caused new ethical problems in the society. Some of his values ​​affected. For example, there has actually been an increase in the concept of productivity, traditionally only for the machine, and this has been used in the same sense in terms of human productivity.
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