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Swot Analysis

  • What is the Swot Analysis? Why is it important?
  • The Swot Analysis takes its name from the initials English Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Therats. This analysis is an important and strategic assessment analysis for businesses, institutions and individuals.


  • Using this swot analysis developed by the Stanford Research Institute from 1960 to 1970 as a result of the work of a team of 5 people, Weaknesses and strengths, to take advantage of opportunities to see them, to take advantage of them in their favor, and to take all necessary precautions against threats and threats that may occur around them.


  • Businesses and individuals who use this analysis actually do their own check-ups. The first two steps of analysis, S and W, ie strengths and weaknesses, are linked to internal factors, while the second, O and T opportunities and threats depend on external factors. While the first step in the analysis determines the current situation, the second step is more dependent on estimates and probabilities.


  • If we will sample this analysis for businesses;
  • The questions to be asked when determining the strengths of the firm may be:
  • • What are our advantages and what do we do better than others
  • • Is technological substructure sufficient?
  • • Can our employees develop themselves as competently?


  • When determining their weaknesses:
  • • What are you weak against your ratios, yet not doing well?
  • • What do you lack and what should we look at?
  • • What is the economic situation?






  • When evaluating opportunities:
  • • How can you create new opportunities?
  • • Is it possible to turn politics of the government into business interests?
  • • How can changes in population profile and living standards be translated?


  • When assessing threats:
  • • Examination of the situation of competitors and what advantages you have to follow.
  • • Changing economic conditions
  • • Changing world dynamics, war, terror, etc. may result in threats to the account must be joined.


  • All of this allows the operator to make a healthier decision and is useful in minimizing any potential problems. It should not be forgotten when doing this analysis that all this data should be based on facts and truths.


Swot Analysis
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