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  • What does svg (scalable vector graphics) mean?
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a form of vector graphics file and scalable vector graphics developed by WCC since 1999. SVG files are used with mathematical concepts and benefit from XML. That is, SVG files can be searched, scanned, stored, and compressed.
  • SVG, which is a rather old and open standard, is also recognized and supported by today’s popular browsers. Many Internet browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge), Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, have the ability to display SVG file extensions.


  • SVG File
  • SVG files can be formatted using XML, but designers are often assisted by various drawing software to create SVG files for functional purposes. SVG file can be used for many purposes.






  • Opening the SVG File
  • SVG images can be created and edited using any text editor as an XML file. Apart from the XML file, you can get help from any internet browser installed on your computer to run SVG files. You can also open SVG files using the vector drawing software on your computer.
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