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Standby mode

  • What does standby mode mean?
  • Standby mode; Digital screens, mobile devices, computers, and electronic home appliances. The features that sleep mode has and exhibits may vary for each device. If you are in sleep mode on computers, all of your work, open programs and your actions are saved in an energy saving mode.


  • Devices in sleep mode start to save energy and exhibit very low energy consumption compared to the energy they normally spend. When you take your computer to sleep, the programs that are running on your computer are not terminated, but all running software is paused for the duration of the sleep mode. For this reason, some softwares may lose their functions after being taken to sleep mode.


  • There are multiple methods you can choose to take your computer to sleep. The most preferred methods for passing a computer to sleep mode are as follows;


  • After logging into the Start menu, click the Power button or the arrow next to the Power button. Then select “Sleep” from the options that are not available.


  • You can help the computer go directly to sleep mode by turning off the display of a laptop’s screen.


  • Some computer models may include a sleep mode key as a physical key. You can also switch your computer to sleep mode by using this key, often called Moon sign or Sleep.


  • You can set the time in your computer’s Power Settings options to switch to sleep mode if the computer is not used for a certain period of time.


  • You do not need to press the power button on your computer to wake your computer from sleep mode. You can get your computer to go out of sleep by pressing any key on the computer keyboard or by clicking on the pharmacy.






  • Let’s move on to the most curious user questions and answers about sleep mode;


  • Why should we take sleep mode instead of turning off the computer?
  • When the computer is in sleep mode, all open programs on the computer and the data processed in these programs are stored on the temporary memory. Once the computer is turned on, you can continue working where you left off. However, if you turn off your computer, you will have to open both your computer and the software from scratch, which is a waste of time for many computer users.


  • Is there any harm in leaving the computer in sleep mode for a long time?
  • No, leaving your computer in sleep for a few days will not harm your computer. It uses the computers used in the office especially with sleeping mode instead of closing them.


  • How much energy does the computer consume in sleep mode?
  • According to statements made by Microsoft and Energy Star, using sleep mode in one of the Windows ME or later operating systems means that your computer is consuming data almost as if it were turned off. If all these rates are taken into consideration, it will take days, even weeks, for your computer to work with the battery and finish the battery.


  • Do computers use disk space in sleep mode?
  • Yes, if sleep mode is enabled on your computer, one side of the storage portion of your computer’s hard disk will be reserved for this feature. By deactivating Sleep mode completely from your computer, you can avoid taking up more space with your computer’s sleep mode feature.


  • Sleep Mode in Climate
  • A / C sleep mode; Sleep mode which is located in the air conditioners and activated by the air conditioning control. Unlike sleeping computers and other electronic devices, air conditioning works to fulfill a goal of a completely healthy and quality sleep. When people are sleeping, their body temperature falls between 1 and 2 degrees. In order to achieve this balance, the air conditioners taken in the sleep mode increase the temperature by 1 degree after half an hour and increase the temperature by 1 degree after one hour.
  • The environment in which the air conditioner’s sleep mode is located makes it a much more convenient environment for people to adapt. The closure time of most sleep mode air conditioners is around 6 hours. When you turn on your sleeping mode, your air conditioner will turn itself off after 6 hours and your sleep will complete the air conditioning function without having to be split to close the air conditioner.


  • What is Sleep Mode on the phone?
  • Sleep mode on the phone is a software-saved power-saving mode designed for devices with intelligent device capabilities to consume significantly less energy. The phones’ sleep mode works as fully automated. For example, you’ve removed an Android phone from a 100% charge and left it waiting where it was after you locked the keys. This device will shut down extra system applications for as long as it takes no action, and finally will switch to deep sleep and help consume much less charge.
  • If you find that your phone has warmed up in the morning after 100% charge or that the charge percentage has fallen to abnormal levels, it probably means your device is not going to sleep. Because sleep mode problems are software-based, you can overcome this problem by resetting your device to factory data in the original software settings.
Standby mode
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