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SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

  • What is SSL? SSL Certificate and SSL Query
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a cryptography protocol that was first offered to Netscape in 1994 and to the public in 2.0 in 1995. The SSL service encrypts the communication during data exchange between the server and the user, thus helping to transfer data, passwords, credit cards and login information more securely. Thus, the exchange of information between users and the main server becomes both confidential and secure. The latest SSL certificate used today is version 3.0. Although TLS has emerged as the next generation encryption protocol, it is still popular to use SSL frequently because of the habits of users and the support of browsers.


  • SSL Certificate
  • Websites with SSL that we have defined in the next section will have a certificate of using this system. Okay but why? In order to understand the SSL Certificate, we first need to talk about how the SSL system works and its logic. If the user tries to log in to any web site and the address bar contains “https“, then the server hosting the site will tell the internet browser that this is an SSL session. It then provides the SSL certificates required for verification. In this case, the browser sends an authentication request to the SSL Certificate provider to verify the ownership and validity of the SSL certificate. The certificate provider also ensures that the session is performed by verifying the information.


  • You can not verify that a site has an SSL certificate at any time to see the “https” tag at the beginning of a website you are logged into. If the SSL certificate on the site can not be verified, you can see the phrase on the address bar of your internet browser to notify the user that the certificate is invalid on https.


  • Users need to contact their SSL Service Provider to obtain an SSL Certificate. You can purchase SSL Certificates by visiting GoDaddy-like service providers. Remember to give importance to quantity instead of going to the cheapest option when buying a certificate. Certain SSL Certificates are only recognized by certain internet scanners. It does not use cheap SSL certificates, it could cause users who are using older browsers or using mobile browsers to not use SSL.






  • Once you have purchased SSL Certificates, you will need to define and activate SSL Certificates in your Panels such as Cpanel, Plesk Panel or Direct Panel. You can start using the SSL service immediately after completing this operation.


  • SSL services usually prefer shopping sites and internet sites where important data needs to be transferred. Thus, this certificate can protect users account information, private and personal information in confidentiality.


  • SSL Query
  • Unlike information on many sites on the Internet, if you look at the address bar and a site starts with Https, it does not show that the site has a valid SSL Certificate. You may notice that SSL is invalid if you see a red sign in the address bar or an invalidity statement even though the site has an HTTPS header at the beginning. A more advanced method of SSL Query is; To perform an SSL query.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
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