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Space Needle


  • Space Needle is a world famous building located in Washington, which is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. Space Needle, one of the most important buildings of Washington, which is one of the North West provinces, is seen today as the symbol of the province. This means that we can not see Space Needle in almost every visual that contains the introduction of the city. Space Needle, an observation tower, is located in the world famous Seattle city of Washington state. The Space Needle, the foremost figure in Seattle, has an extremely important meaning for the Pacific region. Although designed as an observation tower, this structure, which has been a very exciting lately, has attracted millions of tourists every year. Space Needle was built in 1962 for the 1962 World Fair within the borders of Seattle. It is assumed that the similar construction of Germany in Stuttgart plays a serious role when it is decided to build it. Space Needle, which is one of the most popular buildings in Seattle, Washington State and also the most important city in the state, hosts about 20,000 people every day.






  • When we examine the history of the United States, we see that the Space Needle was completed in 1962. When the building was designed and built for the 1962 World Fair, it was the highest structure of the United States. The Space Needle, which carried this title between 1962 and 1969, later lost its title to Safeco Plaza. Designed as an observation tower, the Space Needle is located exactly at 400 Broad Street, Seattle, Washington. With this open address, you can reach the region with your car with navigation. The construction of the Space Needle started on April 17, 1961 to be held in 1962 and was officially completed on 8 December 1961. The Space Needle, which was completed in December 1961, was expected to open for a while. This is the anticipation of the 1962 World Fair. In this sense, the official opening of the Space Needle, which was held on 21 April 1962, is still standing today. The length of the Space Needle is 184.41m if the antenna is to be taken.


  • However, they can reach up to 6th floor, which is only 158,12m high. The Space Needle visitors, who encounter this unique view of Seattle at this height, are highly influenced. The Space Needle, which has a total of 6 floor, has 3 lifts. Space Needle’s architecture is John Graham. John K. Minasian and Victor Steinbrück undertook the role of structural engineering. Construction work was carried out by Howard S. Wright Construction Company. Space Needle was officially declared a national figure of Seattle on April 19, 1999.
Space Needle
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