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  • What is the software? What are Software Languages?
  • The software is the generic name given to all programs that enable electronic devices to do a particular job. Software is a machine command that enables electronic machines designed to perform different tasks to communicate with one another and improve their task by ensuring compliance. Software; System softwares and application software.


  • User oriented software written in programming language is called application software. Application software is often prepared for operation under an operating system. The floor program that allows application software to run error-free on a hardware is called system software.






  • Software Languages
  • The software is built using the computer language to solve a problem. Several languages ​​are available for the software. These languages ​​are programs used for writing and creating application software and operating systems. The most widely used and most popular languages ​​are Java, Delphi, Pascal, C ++ (Cplusplus), and Visual Basic.


  • Software Courses
  • There are many successful sites established to provide software courses on the Internet. It is possible to take C ++, Java or HTML coding courses over these sites.
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