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Sociopathy and Sociopathic

  • What are Sociopathic Reasons and Sociopathic Symptoms?
  • Antisocial personality disorder, commonly known as sociopathy, is a psychological disorder related to psychology. The difference between sociopath and psychopath in this disorder, which may be called a psychological disorder, is the symptom difference or pathology. Sociopathy is usually confused with psychopathy, but psychopathy is a much heavier psychological disorder than sociopathy and ethical violations are observed in addition to the statements in sociopathology. Experts think sociopathy is the cause of environmental factors in sociopathy. Sociopath people are certainly not mentally ill. It’s just a personality disorder. Those who are sociopaths are people who do not obey the rule and law, never learn, and do not regret their mistakes, which are found in behaviors that the society is not going to enjoy. Sociopaths are extremely susceptible to suicide. As they do not obey the rules, they do not deal with other people’s troubles or problems. So they are very selfish. They are reluctant to listen to other people’s troubles. They enjoy hurting other people. The most common age is 15-22.


  • Sociopathy Symptoms:
  • As with any illness, sociopaths have their own specifics. Harvard University. According to Dr. Martha Stout, the definition of sociopathy is: They are very charismatic people and people in their surroundings admire them.
  • They do not live in a planned and programmed way, they are usually spontaneous. Behaviors are improvised. Sociopaths whose normal social relationships are disconnected also behave in a strange way to other people.
  • There is no mechanism in the brain to manipulate emotions such as regret, shame, empathy, or this mechanism is disordered. They lack conscience. They can easily sacrifice others for their own interests.
  • They can lie very easily and comfortably. They have mastered lies. Well-intentioned people can easily deceive themselves in this way.
  • Because they love to dominate people, they do not become parties to debate and fight. There are always worries about superiority, they are dominant characters.
  • They are very smart people and they lack feelings of love.
  • They hate to apologize and can not apologize. The majority live in a deep dream world.






  • What is the indication of sociopathy? These are the answers that can be given. Sociopathy is a personality disorder seen in many serial killers.
Sociopathy and Sociopathic
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