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  • What does mean social media expert mean?
  • The Social Media Expert is an expert in the field that manages social media accounts on a variety of social media channels. Social media specialists identify the content strategies they represent with the brand channel they represent and help consumers reach the best with the help of various social networks or blogs. For social media professionals, we can also call it the voice on the social media of brands and important people.


  • With each passing day, traditional media organs lose a little more fame than social media. In this field, which is a medium where everyone can produce content, there is a need for experts who can represent the important individuals and brands deservedly and market the products and services in the best way to the users. Numerous people and institutions that need self-educated and successful business and social media professionals work with social media specialists to represent their corporate identity on the internet.


  • What are the services that a social media specialist can offer to their customers, and what do social media specialists do?


  • It first determines the right social media strategies for the person or brand it represents. It is then ensured that the brand has visual and written revision procedures in all social media accounts and that it has the social profile of the brand or the person’s image or the desired image. In addition to all these, weblogs can be opened to inform the users of the brand about various issues.


  • Once the necessary revision procedures are provided, the company and / or the person’s purpose and representation on the social media will be determined. Social media specialists are focusing on the most accurate content and sharing strategies.


  • It is ensured that the accounts are active in a separate mode on each social channel. For example, a different type of sharing on the Instagram will not attract the attention of users, but a different sharing profile on Vine will attract the attention of users.






  • Social media specialists produce clear solutions that will enhance followers on social media to increase brand awareness, and take the role in the implementation phase of these solutions with the most appropriate communication strategy.


  • It audits the interaction of social media accounts with users and intervenes in issues such as crisis management.


  • All this, as well as the more practical practice that you can think of about social media management, is implemented by social media experts.


  • Being a Social Media Expert
  • Although social media is not seen as the new media of the future, there are not yet officially developed educational programs on this area. If you want to become a social media expert, there are three different ways you can choose to become self-employed in this profession;
  • “Social Media Expertise” at Foundation Universities: Although there are no governmentally developed programs for social media expertise, there are social media specialist departments at many foundation universities, notably in our country’s distinguished universities. Students who are members of this division may start to perform their profession by going out to the field after professional training.
  • Certified Special Education Programs: Accredited by many special education institutions and designed to provide basic / practical training. These courses were designed to enable people to quickly develop themselves into social media expertise and obtain certification.
  • Improving Yourself: The founders of the most important social media agencies and the employees of these agencies do not always consist of people trained in social media. Many people who have the ability to practice with personal and different accounts that develop themselves about the social circles can also be regarded as social media experts.
  • As a matter of fact, social media expertise is quite clear because it is not an official title and it is a completely changing and updated field.
  • We need to give some information about the trainings given so much. Undergraduate programs or certificated courses designed for social media specialization are often given by techniques developed by specialists. In most of the social media specialization trainings, practical lessons are given such as brand management, reputation management, reporting, marketing, campaign, PR strategies, content strategies, crisis method which a social media expert should have sufficient knowledge.


  • Social Media Specialist Salaries
  • The salaries and fees paid by social media experts vary greatly depending on the nature of the work to be done and the size of the job. Social media specialists employed by brands within their own organization earn between $1000 and $4000, while social media specialists who work with a personal employee or agency can reach income up to $10000 per month. The level of expertise of the person with the specified salary is influenced by the change of many criteria and detail charges such as the previous references, the scale of the work to be done, the size of the company.
Social Media Expert
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