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  • What is Skype? Skype Login and Skype Download
  • Skype is a software that provides computer users with video calls as well as voice calls over a fixed and all telephone lines. With Skype, you can talk to your friends and family without paying a fee, video and audio with the help of your computers or smart devices. You can make your calls abroad much cheaper by buying a Skype loan for landline and other phone calls.


  • Skype Login
  • To log in to Skype, you must have either a Skype account or a Microsoft account. If you have one of these accounts, you can log in to Skype by selecting the desired step after downloading Skype. In addition, Windows Mail users can use Skype online without logging in to the Outlook web service and downloading Skype.






  • Download Skype
  • Skype includes Shuang for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions. While there are some design differences between versions, there are no functional differences. You can switch to Skype download page by clicking here.
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