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  • What does site map mean?
  • Site Map is a map designed to be visual or text based and can display navigation menus for all the pages within the website. You can think of site maps as maps that help people in the real world find their way and addresses. The only difference between the two map types is that site maps lead to search engine spiders instead of users.


  • Site maps also contain navigation menus, just like in real maps. Thanks to these navigation menus, you can see all the content published by the website and access the searched content more easily.


  • The most important reason why site maps are an important criterion in terms of webmasters is their SEO work. Having a site-based and up-to-date site map will make search engine bots work easier and will make your site easier to crawl.


  • This means that your site will both be included in the faster search results and will rank higher. Even if your site is not active and constantly updated, make sure you create a site map for your site and report it to search engines.


  • Create a Sitemap, how can i create sitemap?
  • Site maps usually contain content related to the pages and areas of a website that have a hierarchical structure. We can talk about different types of structures for site maps. For example, there will be certain differences between the site map that a forum system will have and the site map that a blog will have.


  • Site maps that are most commonly used in the Internet world and accepted by search engines are prepared with the internet content format called XML. Normally these XML files can be prepared by hand coding. However, if you do not have coding knowledge or you do not have the ability to prepare XML in HTML, you can also create a site map for your site with online web tools.






  • If your system is a popular CMS system such as WordPress, you can create a site map to your site with the help of Site Map plug-ins or various SEO plug-ins instead of creating a site map. This type of plug-in works automatically and will save you a lot of trouble.


  • Add a Sitemap
  • To add your site map, you first need to register with the webmaster sections of certain search engines and verify by adding your site. Once you’ve verified your site, you can add the URL address of your site map with the help of related directories, and you can ensure that search engines reach your site map. 


  • Add Sitemap to Google 
  • After registering your site through Google Webmaster Tools and completing the verification, use Search Console to select the site you want to add the site map to.
  • Click Site configuration from the menu on the left side and then Site maps.
  • Click the Add / Test Site Map button in the right corner.
  • Complete the URL of your site map in the text box
  • Click the Submit Site Map button.


  • Adding Sitemap to Yandex
  • Register with Yandex Webmaster Tools and verify your site.
  • Select your site you’d like to send a site map from within My Sites.
  • Click on the Sitemaps section and enter the full path to your site map in the text box there.
  • You can terminate the process of adding your site map to Yandex by clicking “Add” button.


  • Adding Sitemap to Bing
  • Log in from Bing’s Web Expert Tools section and save it by verifying your site.
  • Log in to your saved site via the system and click on the My Site Map step, located under the Site Map link.
  • Once you’ve written the complete site map URL for your site, click on the “Submit” button and save your site to Bing.
Site Map
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