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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

  • What is SMTP? SMTP Server and SMTP Settings
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard that helps send e-mail via port 25 via the Internet. Our mail forwarding operations are similar to standard mail forwarding. When we send a mail, our mail is transferred to the SMTP server via SMTP. The e-mail service that performs the journey with the Internet via the server then communicates with the POP / IMAP Server, which helps retrieve the e-mails via SMTP again. In the latest case, the e-mail sent with the help of POP / IMAP will be delivered to the account.


  • SMTP Server
  • The SMTP server is a type of server that helps you to send electronic mail from your computer via the internet and forward it to other transmission organs as we mentioned in the previous section. The SMTP server has the same post office role. First we get the mail from us, then we carry out the necessary procedures to move the mail. Finally, the mail is forwarded to the POP / IMAP server, which serves as the postman to reach you.






  • SMTP Settings
  • For SMTP Settings, computer users need the time to access their mail via a software instead of a web version. Now many mail software can automatically add SMTP settings for users. If the software you are using does not make these settings, you need to get the information from the server administrator who provides the mail service for SMTP information and enter this information.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
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