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Shared Hosting

  • What does shared hosting mean?
  • Shared Hosting is the provision of a single physical internet server in the form of hosting (hosting service) by dividing the resources of many customers into limits. In this type of hosting called Shared ie Shared Hosting all the hosting customers are placed on the same server with different customer limits and they consume the same source from the server


  • Each user is subject to limitations such as web space, monthly web traffic, e-mail account, FTP account and database limit according to the invoice paid or the pak that he has. In this respect, the use rights of the users on the machine are equally shared.


  • In Shared Hosting, all the physical resources of the server are used jointly, except for the limits of the users. As the server has RAM and CPU shared by all users, there is one Apache server and one Mail server with MySQL on the server.






  • The choice of shared hosting is mainly due to being the most affordable hosting type that can be preferred to host a major internet site. Instead of hiring a server, covering server and infrastructure costs, and having to deal with the server’s software, Shared Hosting users can host both untreated and more affordable Internet sites and be billed to their own needs.


  • Advantages of Shared Hosting
  • You can buy packages that offer exactly what you need. You will not have to pay bills that exceed your lining every month because of the extra features you will not use.
  • Shared Hosting packages are extremely economical.
  • As the system does not have to deal with any software or technical issues, you do not have to deal with the server maintenance and software licensing fees.
  • You will have a Hosting control mechanism like cpanel. You do not need to know about server administration through this panel, you can check your hosting via a visual interface.
  • If your company offers a backup service, it will always receive your backups in certain time periods. You do not have to worry about the security of your data.


  • Disadvantages of Shared Hosting
  • The features you can use are limited. You can only use the hosting service.
  • You can not perform optimizations based on what you need on the server.
  • You are also affected by spam work done by another internet site on the same server, and you will experience performance degradation.
  • You will lose performance if a different server on the server is attacked or overloaded.
  • If your scripts require an extra module to work, you will not be able to install it on the server if your software versions do not match. Because hosting companies prepare these services in the most optimal packages.
  • Do not you think Shared Hosting meets your exact needs? Then you can also look at small server solutions such as VPS and VDS, which are different hosting alternatives.
Shared Hosting
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