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  • An Andalusian City; “Sevilla


  • Sevilla, the European Union member, is among Spain’s most popular cities. Sevilla, which belongs to Andalusia, the autonomous territory of Spain, which houses many autonomous regions in its territory, is the most important and also the most popular city in the region. Apart from these, Sevilla is also the capital of Andalusia in Spain. This makes the city very important for Spain and for Andalusia. Situated among the most important cities of the European Union and Spain, Sevilla is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. Sevilla, one of the most important rivers of Andalusia, is built right beside Guadalquirir and is home to approximately 1.5 million people within its borders. In addition, we should not mention that nearly half of this 1.5 million population lives in a region called Seville’s center. Sevilla, which has its place in the top 30 in the list of the most popular cities within the borders of the European Union, has turned into an important center where many local and foreign tourists visit. Although Seville is not yet included in the UNESCO World Heritage List by UNESCO, many buildings within the boundaries of the city have been individually included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List.






  • Sevilla is one of the most important settlements in the world. It’s just not like this day. This feature extends to prehistoric times. In this sense, Sevilla, which has a very old and deeply rooted land, has been home to Emevilere for a while. Located among the most important places where Muslims spread on the western soil, Sevilla was later dominated by the Spaniards. Seville is a port city, and this is very important for the Spanish economy. We should not say that Sevilla is too close to the Gibraltar Strait. So much so that Sevilla is only 80km away from the strait. Sevilla is the hottest city among the cities on the territory of the European Union. In summer the average temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius. Sevilla, a part of the Autonomous Andalusian Region of Spain, was once conquered by Muslims. It is possible to encounter the camiere built in the city during this period.


  • With the year 1248, Christianity began to dominate in the territory of Seville, where Muslims ruled for 500 years. More precisely, Ferdinand took the region from the hands of Muslims and made him Christian. Today, it is still regarded as an extremely important location for both Muslims and Christians. It is possible to reach Sevilla by air, sea, road and rail. There is also an international airport connecting Seville with Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
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