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  • What is Server? Server Rental and Server Purchasing
  • A server is a type of computer that resides on a piece of hardware, such as a CPU, RAM, and Harddisk, but is used to host infrequently used Internet sites, software, or mobile applications. The task of the servers is to respond to incoming connection requests or to execute the necessary queries that need to be executed. Apart from these, a web server can be used to remotely connect to a web server, send mail, run some programs or host a web site.


  • Server Rental
  • They may need a server for hosting a high-traffic website, activating an online software, and for many other purposes. Unlike home computers, servers need high-speed links and even cooling systems. Just as you do a lot of work on your computer, we can recall how it warms up. When you set up a website for the server, many users will be asked to connect to your server when they log in to this website. You can see how large the servers can serve if we consider that dozens and even hundreds of users will be present at the same time on your server.


  • All users who do not have a special environment provisioning and do not want to spend maintenance costs by spending extra capital rent a server which will belong to them. In the server leasing process, the user who is the user pays only the monthly rent for the server. The remaining costs, including the server’s maintenance and line charges, are covered by the hosting provider.


  • Well, why do some people need to hire a server?
  • Websites that receive a lot of traffic can not be hosted by packages like Hosting, Reseller or VPS. Because high traffic means more users need to connect to the server, which means both bigger hardware requirements and traffic and hard disk space.


  • Users who want to separate their sites from other websites. If your website is sensitive, your sites may be adversely affected by Shared Hosting. The sites you host in the server will stay away from all the negativity.






  • Your own use is of interest to you. Users who use rental servers have the chance to use the CPU rate as they wish in the servers. So the hosting company can not put you out of the door due to overloading.


  • Software that should be online continuously. Most of the software, such as online games and online games clients, must be included in a server to be open 24/7.


  • Purchasing Server
  • In some cases, a website or software may require a high-end server to function properly. The price to be paid for top-level servers will be high. In this case, people usually get a real server, which is hosted in private rooms or hosting centers. Thus, the server that will meet their needs can cost much more affordable. A different scenario is to buy a server for a low-user web site and host it in the data center.


  • Just as computers are, servers can be sold on different platforms and can be brought to the market as a collection. Those who own their own server also have the right to have a right on the hardware. They may perform hardware jamming to improve the performance of their own servers, such as their wishes.
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