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  • What is Script? Script Types and Script Writing
  • Script is a JavaScript language client-side scripting language developed in conjunction with Netscape Navigator 2.0. It is often used to provide dynamic content on web pages, to communicate with users. Before Netscape Navigator took its place in the dusty pages of history, only the JavaScripts developed and designed for this browser were later supported by other browsers and became a common script language.


  • Script in the shortest way; It is small but efficient code snippets we place between HTML code. We can use these codes by typing JavaScript codes with .js extensions alone without adding them between our HTML codes. If we want to place these functional codes in our HTML code, we must use the tag.






  • Scripts can be written with even the simplest text editors (notepad, notepad ++, etc.). Apart from these, there are also a number of advanced script editors.


  • Script Types
  • 1- Batch Files (.BAT): Generally works in all Windows versions and DOS environments. Logon Script files can be prepared as .BAT.
  • 2- Command Files (.CMD): Comes with Windows NT. It needs a 32-bit Command Processor. It is almost identical to .BAT.
  • 3- JavaScript (.JS): This is the most commonly used script type on the Internet. Scripts are run directly from the command line with a. Ys (.js) extension.
  • 4- Visual Basic Script (.VBS): A script used in programs such as Microsoft Visual Basic. Visual script, programa is like dressing a kind of clothes. These scripts are used to improve the visibility of the program.
  • 5- PHP Script: Most used by Webmasters. As a middle level language, it is a type of script that is difficult to create. When we open a site, we will not use any infrastructure (WordPress, Joomla, BlogSpot, etc.). If such scripts are not scanned, security problems will occur.
  • 6- Shell Script: Usually used for communication between operating systems. A script that is used for conversation and communication between two or more windows computers.
  • 7- Nulled Script: Webmasters write Nullet Script to license their scripts in a templated, annotated or visual basic.
  • 8- AppleScript: AppleScript provides you with flexible Mac OS X scripting capabilities, integrated with UNIX shell tools. You can use AppleScript to create automated workflows by stacking, converting and modifying files, performing work at designated times, transferring information between databases and other applications, and combining actions from multiple applications.
  • 9- CGI Script: CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a standard developed to create an interaction (collaboration) platform between Web Services and programs outside these services. CGI is actually a script. Since CGI scripts are “executable” code, someone else can easily run the script on your system.
  • 10- Mirc Script: Mirc scripting is a powerful scripting language designed to work only within the Mirc program, or you can define Mirc scripts as batch files written with Mirc coding technique.
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