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  • Think about where do you live. “Where” mean not your home, mate. That’s world ? no 😉
  • Think a little bigger. Yeah buddy bingo, that’s cosmos.
  • Now please think average human ages lifetime? 70 year? 80 year?
  • Now add 1 light year to this algorithm. (Wik’s hint: 1 light year = 9.460.730.472.580.800 metres (exactly) ≈ 9.461 trillion kilometres )
  • One second, where are we going now 🙂 ?
  • Ok ok, I will keep it short 🙂 The visible universe is approximately 14 billion light years. That informations purpose was just push you to think imagine how important science and mathematics 😉
  • Science and mathematics are very important in the development of mankind from past to present. How much science has improved and how much mathematics has been used, it has progressed so quickly in humanity. Wik knows this. So research to energy, physics, mathematics, astronomy, science topic is hobby for Wik 😉

Science and Mathematics article list

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