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  • Sarajevo is one of the most important cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Balkan countries. Sarajevo is also the capital city of the country with the most popular city. This is enough for the city to turn into a very important location for the country. Sarajevo, which is among the most valuable territories of the region, played an extremely important role in the Bosnian war. Sarajevo, which has been part of Yugoslavia for many years, along with Bosnia Herzegovina within the boundaries of Yugoslavia, has been left to the second plan by the Yugoslavs every period. Sarajevo, a typical Muslim city, is considered a commercial mark of the country for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo, considered to be the economic center of the country due to its trade center, is of the utmost importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina in this sense. Sarajevo, the most developed and modern city among the cities within the borders of the country, is home to approximately 276 thousand people in the so-called centers. If the Sarajevo Canton and Eastern Sarajevo regions are to be joined, the number of the population will reach around 650 thousand.






  • Sarajevo is the most populous city in the country, with a population of 650 people when it joins the territories, which are considered as legal boundaries of the city. The city also has the best of the educational institutions in the country. The city is fully established around the Dinaric Alps. There is also Miljacka River from the city. This has turned Sarajevo into one of the most popular cities in the Balkans. Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is likely to become a member of the European Union, is in a serious leap over recent years in the care of its cities and conducts infrastructure work. Apart from these, we have to say that there are serious studies in Sarajevo. Especially the Turkish contractors are constructing the city from scratch, from beginning to end. In fact, Sarajevo, which had been in ruins during the Bosnian War that took place in the region during the disintegration of Yugoslavia, was rebuilt for more than 20 years after the last period and the traces of the war have been completely erased except for some special structures. Some special structures here have been deliberately ruined. The reason for this is that the Bosnian do not forget what Serb and Croats do in the war.


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina borders and Balkans account, Sarajevo is among the foremost cities in the region and has recently become a tourist city. Sarajevo is a city that was founded in the period of the Ottoman Empire itself. This means the presence of a Turkish history beginning in 1461 in the region. Sarajevo is referred to as “Jerusalem of the Balkans and Europe“. There is also an international airport in the city. Low cost airline companies also organize scheduled flights to Sarajevo.
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