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  • Tennis is a spade that plays with two or four people on a rectangular field called a court. The tennis game was started in 1873 by the English Walter C. Wingfield. At the beginning, the tennis played for pleasure on the grass fields, became a sport where a large number of tournaments were built over time.



  • After the first tennis tournament in London in 1877, over time the US, Australia and Canada began to spread widely. The first professional tennis match was played in 1926.


  • The goal is to be able to play with two (single) or four (double) people on a court of width of 8,2 m, with a length of 23,77m, to be able to shoot in a way that the player can not meet the player on the opposite side. There is also a network with an altitude of 0,91 meters in the middle of the tap. There are five varieties as topping strokes, service front and rear drives, blunt stroke and volley. Front and rear driving, the ball is sent to the opposite side with a horizontal stroke. While the volley ball is stopped by the paddle, the blunt stroke is shot in the form of a high returning strike.



  • Tennis rules (Rules of tennis)
  • Game Rules
  • The game starts with a money roll or a racket flip. The player who receives the first service right starts the game from the outer right side of the bottom line, with the cross right service shot. Failed service throws are called Faults. Throwing the server into the field by hitting the net with the server is called let and the service of the lette is renewed. If a mistake is made within a service, the service is granted again, but if the mistake is repeated a second time, it is awarded to the opposite party. It is called Foot Fault when the foot crosses the service line during the service stroke. The second service right is also granted to this line.






  • Game’s Score
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  • In the tennis game, the scoring system is classified into four types, number, game, set and match. In the vote he lost the ball to the other side, unable to pass, earning points to the opposing side. One of the players must win four points in order to win the game. The rating is called 15-30-40 and the game. If each game equals 40, a final set is made.


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