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Table Tennis

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  • What is Table Tennis? How to play? (Rule of table tennis, Table tennis Rules)
  • Table tennis is a widely played sports hall. The table tennis game, also known as pingpong, developed in England in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Table tennis has been played in the UK and the United States in the 1900’s with cellulite-based special balls and tef-like stretched paddles. Due to the “ping-pong” voices coming out of the top paddle, this was also referred to by the reflection. Over time, interest in the game diminished, but after World War I, especially in England, began to play again.


    Table tennis

  • The Ping-Pong League was founded in 1902 with a similar structure to the federation, and was dispersed in 1905. After many years thereafter, in the name of the Table Tennis Union, it was reborn in 1920 – 1921. Established in 1926 with the name of the International Table Tennis Federation (FITT), the table tennis associations of more than 110 countries became members of the table till day. As for the number of athletes, it is possible to mention more than 1 million table tennis athletes who are members of these associations.


    Table tennis racket

  • Information on Playground and Materials Used
  • Table tennis is played on a customized table with a sporty, hard, flat, green or blue color, with a length of 274 cm and a width of 152 cm, a rectangular geometric shape and a height of 76 cm from the floor. Because of the inherent speed of the game, athletes need a spacious and comfortable space. Therefore, table tennis champions, each table at least 6 meters in width and at least 12 meters in area is provided. The table is also illuminated very well so that there is no problem in sight.


  • * The web stretched to join the center of the long edges of the table is 15 cm high and is slightly wider than the table.


  • * The diameter of the hollow ball made of white celluloid or plastic material is 38 mm. The weight of this ball is about 2.5 grams.






  • * In general, it is made of rubber or plastic covered with padded racket.


  • Table Tennis Rules (Rules of table tennis)
  • In general, the rules of table tennis play a lot of similarities with tennis game rules. The ball, which is hit by a paddle, travels between the two sides of the net by not going out of the field. The game, which is played in three or five sets, starts with the service provided beforehand. The player who hits the field with his racket on his / her field at most once, tries to send the ball to the opponent’s field. The opponent of the player who fails to do so within the framework of the rules wins a number. After each turn, the game is re-started to start again. A total of five numbers changes the serving party. The winner also gets 21 points in total. However, if a correct 20-20 draw is caught at the end of the set, the service will change in each of the numbers after this step and the two sets of difference points will be set to the opponent. When the players are serving, they have to hit the ball with the racket in the air with the open palm. When servicing only, the ball service must go to the opponent’s field, jumping once in the field of the thrower.


  • In competitions where there are two players on each side, called the doubles encounter, the players in the right half of the table always perform the service throw. The ball is thrown in a cross shape against the right half of the field. Spouses use service by changing respectively.


  • Important point between table tennis and tennis
  • False stroke technique used in table tennis is much more important than the derivative strokes used in tenis. It is advisable not to play tennis players with table tennis, as the effects and advantages of these types of strokes can turn into disadvantages. In addition, while the ankle movements on the table tennis are frontal, the presence of tenis arm and shoulder-focused strokes is another point of difference, and sometimes these two sports are prohibited to do together. Despite all this, he has been a successful player in both sports, such as the World Table Tennis Champion at the age of 18 and Fred Perry, the greatest tennis player of his time.
  • One of the most well-known table tennis players whose reputation spread all over the world is Victor Barna, who joined England in another World Championship after winning the World Championship for Hungary for five years.
Table Tennis
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