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  • In recent years, outdoor sports have become very popular and become the favorite sporting branches. This interest of the people in outdoor sports is to combine factors such as adventure, excitement and fear that sports of this kind are out of the ordinary. Paintball, which is among the outdoor sports with these features, is among the most made sports.



  • When we look at the emergence of paintball, the United States emerges. The main object of the sport, the paint-throwing pistols, was first used in America to mark the trees to be cut. The production date of these pistols is 1972. The game, Charles Gaines and Hayes Noel, appeared in the late 1970s with funny jokes among themselves. When it came to 1980’s, paintball started to gain a commercial structure by getting out of the monopoly of two people. In these years, paint guns have been produced for this game which are professionally known as ” Splatmaster ”. These guns were driven to the market by Bob Gunsey and now Paintball is now being referred to as a sports car.


  • In the years when the game was first played, the game was played very hard. The players exhibited all their talents, reflecting the survival skills in the wild nature to the field. The main material of the game was just the compass and the map. As a rule, a very clear rule was set. In the rule, each player exhibited all his abilities and only a team survived.



  • Paintball has cool-looking weapons, two sets of paint capsules, and a designated area with paint capsules, and the right strategy and skill to win one team. The guns are fired, paint capsules are thrown, and capsules are fired and eliminated from player casting at the time of contact with the rival. Basically this is how this sport is played.






  • The game is a strategy and combat game in which the weapons that cast paint capsules in the hands combine with the human intelligence and strategy, and play by pushing the boundaries of excitement and horror. The soldiers make their skills and the flag of the opponent’s team is captured. An indispensable source of enthusiasm, paintball spreads rapidly into the world since its emergence and is always popular in the countries where it is played. This outdoor game, almost spread all over the world, has many organizations in various countries around the world. There are so many of these organizations that can be expressed in hundreds. National and international paintball federations are one of the clearest evidence of what this sport is and is an important and popular sport. And the international paintball tournaments that these federations have provided offer the opportunity to show themselves to the players who have embraced this sport.


  • It is very popular worldwide and is played mainly in countries like USA, France, UK, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Norway, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, Italy, Panama and Argentina.



  • The clothes worn in paintball are very important. All players in the game have a special mask on their face that is unbreakable. It is necessary to wear this mascot to prevent danger. The weapons in hand are gaseous weapons designed to be untrue. These guns throw paint capsules and these paints are specially produced. The paint that explodes at the moment of contact has the property of self-destruction in a short time in nature. The playing field is specially created, and there are a variety of materials in which actions such as hiding and aiming can be carried out. The tasks in the game are determined according to the demands of the players.


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