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  • What is Bowling? How to play? (Rule of Bowling, Bowling Rules)
  • Bowling is a sports hall that is played with a ball made specially for the game and 10 pins (pinball), aiming at the end of the game line and aiming to overcome the unique and standardized pins with the game ball.
  • To put it more simply, 10 pins are arranged in a standardized manner with computer aided devices. At the beginning of the game line, the player picks a ball at his / her own weight and throws the ball toward the pins as the line at the top of the line does not pass. The goal is to roll the ball as many pins as possible. If some or all of the pins are not overturned, the player also takes the 2nd shot. After the second shot, the turn goes to the other players. Both sides of the line in which the ball is laid is open if there is no special situation. That is, if the throwing ball does not go right, it may leave the playing field in a controlled manner from the edges of the channels.



  • The main aim of the game, which can be played individually or as a team, is to get the highest score by overtaking the most number of pins. A total of 10 frames, each with 2 attempts, represents the player’s well-known shot rights for a game. If the player can not strike in the first shot in a frame, he completes that frame by making his second shot. Only in the last frame is the right to fire again after the strike.


  • At this point, it is also necessary to describe some technical terms:


  • Strike: All the pins at the end of the game line are knocked down in the first shot of the frame. Since all the pins are rolled, no other shot in the frame is made.
  • The symbol is X.


  • Spare: All the pins at the end of the game line are tumbled at the end of the second shot in the frame.
  • The symbol is /.


  • Split: In addition to the fact that the first lobes have been overturned, there are two or more lobes that have not been connected to each other since the pins have fallen over. That is to say, two separate pins that stand at two ends and do not have pins in side by side. In the score table, the number of pins dropped on the split shot is indicated by a square or rectangle.






  • The game rules described above may vary slightly according to the affiliated federations. For example, while playing with 10 pins is valid in some countries, the game can be played with 9 pins in the framework of rules set by World Bowling Federation (WTBA), International Bowling Federation (FIQ) and European Bowling Federation (ETBF).


  • The length of the game line is 18,288 meters. This length is the horizontal distance from where the foul line at the beginning of the line is, the first lob (pin 1).


  • There is also the obligation to wear only special shoes when playing bowling at recreation centers, while in official competitions there are separate dress regulations for men and separate dress regulations for women. Men’s pocketless fabric pants, jeans without canvas and so on. Women can wear shorts, skirts or cloth trousers while they can compete with pants. For the top, a short-sleeved bowling shirt or shirt with a polo collar button is worn. It is also possible for women to wear polo-collar shirts with sleeveless t-shirts.



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